How to obtain Residence Permit and Passport in Latvia

We help you with the whole process and preparing all the necessary document for you to apply for the Latvian resident permit.

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Please note that we only provide help to candidates that have prior business or managerial experience and that will maintain SELF-EMPLOYED status in Europe via creating their own business or extending a branch of their existing company or by joining an existing business as an active partner. We do NOT offer job search.

Residence Permit Latvia

The residence Permit process is rather straight forward and does not assume any investment into an expensive property.

We Register a LLC in Latvia (LLC). Once registered, it will employ you as an employee. With Minimal salary of around 900 euros and the related taxes of around 600 euros per month you will be eligible for renewal without major issues.

After five years in Latvia you may demand the status of the Permanent Resident, that is the Right of Unconditional Stay.

Your Family can apply together with you.

To start the process we need a copy of your passport, your diploma and your legal address.

Normally you will have to apply via Latvian Embassy that is nearest to your country of Residence or of your Citizenship.

You will need to cater for your Police Clearance, Diploma copy and in case of family Reunification, Marriage and Birth certificates of each family member. All documents must be translated and properly legalized. Sometimes a double and even triple legalization is required.


Latvia is a fairly new European Schengen country, it is located on the Baltic sea and neighbors Lithuania, Estonia and Russia.