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The maximum number of overtime hours for medical workers in Latvia will be increased

  Saeima Social and Employment Matters Committee will allow healthcare workers to work more overtime hours until 2022. Health Minister Anda Caksa (Greens/Farmers) suggested that healthcare workers will be permitted to work up to 16 hours overtime a week – which is twice as much as permitted under the Labor Law. The committee would vote […]

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The Latvian government approved new basic education standard

  A new standard of basic education has been developed by the Education and Science Ministry and on Tuesday has been approved by government . The new basic education standard and primary education guidelines intend to teach children competencies essential for life in the 21st century. In the new education standard there will be seven […]

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Latvia is going to ban gambling halls

  New Conservative Party’s (JKP) started the initiative to ban gambling halls in the territory of Latvia. Manabalss.lv public initiatives portal started collection of signatures in spring this year and now 100,000 signatures are collected. It’s enough to make amendments to the Gambling Law. Gambling halls must be banned in the whole territory of Latvia, […]

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Latvia will restrict adoption of children by foreign citizens

  Under the current legislation, foreign citizens can adopt children that are being raised in foster families if there are no possibilities in Latvia to ensure proper care of these children in families. The new adoption regulation will only allow adoption from foster families if the adoptive parents are the child’s relatives. Foreign citizens still […]

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President of Latvia promulgates Whistleblower Protection Law

  The Whistleblower Protection Law is intended to encourage people to expose various violations and ensure that the whistleblowers are protected against possible retaliation. Raimonds Vejonis has promulgated the Whistleblower Protection Law and it will come into effect on May 1, 2019. Saeima passed the Whistleblower Protection Law in the final reading on October 11. […]

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More high-rises will be built near Preses Nams building in Riga

  Several new buildings will be constructed near the Preses Nams high-rise in Riga during the next ten years. Grupa93 company has drawn up the detailed plan and Arhis Arhitekti has developed the area concept. The first stage of the project is going to be implemented by end of 2022. The entire project will be […]

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Record high number of women elected to Saeima

  A number of women elected to the new parliament is the highest than ever. The 13th Saeima will be comprised of 31 women and 69 men. This is a record high number of women elected to the parliament. As reported, Harmony won the election with 19.8 percent of votes. KPV LV followed with 14.25 […]

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Latvian National Archives will publish KGB documents online by end-2018

  Saeima approved a bill on publishing KGB files online by the end of this year. According to the bill, documents to be published online include phone catalogs listing KGB employees, and a card index listing outside collaborators. The information will be published on the website of the Latvian National Archives by December 31. Starting […]

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Reputation database of candidates for Saeima elections

  The Society for Transparency (Delna) has published a reputation database of candidates running in the Saeima elections. This database contains information about the political experience of candidates, how many times they have ”jumped ship” from party to party, information on conflicts of interest, ethical violations and even criminal violations. The information has been published […]

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EU refugee relocation program in Latvia

  Latvia has taken in 374 persons from southern Europe since 2015 within refugee relocation program. Last September was the deadline for the EU member states to meet their quotas for relocation of asylum seekers, with Latvia continuing to accept asylum seekers after this deadline. Now Latvia will accept asylum seekers in accordance with bilateral […]

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